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Benefits to secure subsistence are divided between SGB II and SGB XII. Those capable of working and their dependants receive benefits under Book II of the Social Code. Those who are capable of gainful employment are those who can work at least 3 hours a day under the usual conditions of the general labour market. Temporarily incapable of gainful employment receive benefits according to SGBXII. The determination of earning capacity is made by the pension insurance institution. If the husband/wife or the partner receives benefits according to SGB II, there is no entitlement to benefits according to SGB XII. In this case, an application must be made to the Job Centre in accordance with SGB II. Assistance for subsistence according to the Social Code XII is granted if the necessary subsistence cannot be procured or cannot be procured sufficiently from own forces and means, in particular income and assets. From 1.1.2020, the following standard needs levels will apply: Standard needs level 1 Adult person living in a flat and for whom standard needs level 2 does not apply: 446 Euro Standard needs level 2 Adult person living in a flat with a spouse or partner or in a marriage-like or life partnership-like community with a partner: 401 Euro Standard needs level 3 Adult person if living in an inpatient institution: 357 Euro Standard needs level 4 Household members from 14 to 17 years: 373 Euro Standard needs level 5 Household members 6 to 13 years: 309 Euro Standard needs level 6 Household members 0 to 5 years: 283 Euro If necessary, additional needs can be granted, which must be applied for and justified in the individual case. Furthermore, the appropriate costs for accommodation and heating are paid, if there is a need.

Proof of loading, All load certificates, such as Rental agreement including proof of rental payments, Proof of any additional energy costs to be paid (electricity, water, gas) Proof of the respective health insurance, gffs. contribution invoice etc., Statement of assets, e.g. savings books, life insurance, car, etc.   Bank detailsvalid identity card or passport (original, no copy)Residence permit, In addition to the identity document, foreign nationals require the valid residence permit (with supplementary sheet if necessary) proof of income and assets of the applicant, All proof of income and assets, e.g. pension statements, alimony, other social benefits, savings books, life insurance, car

no or insufficient temporary pension or other income or assets severely reduced earning capacity or temporary full incapacity habitual residence in the Federal Republic of Germany

The subsistence allowance is paid monthly in advance as a lump sum.
The application may be made in writing, by telephone or even in person without observing any form. The necessary application documents must then be submitted in full and in a timely manner. For the application of the SGB XII achievements the social centers of the office for social services make an application form available. This is available in the social centres and is usually filled out by the clerk together with the applicant. No benefits can be granted for days before the application is submitted.