Certification of maintenance, paternity and joint custody Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Certification before or after birth of the child of e.g. acknowledgement of paternity and necessary consents Declarations of joint custody Maintenance claims Maternity acknowledgements

Identity card or passportbirth certificate of the childin the case of maintenance: letter of formal notice from the other party, if any

The child does not need to be born yet; but it must be conceived expected date of delivery or date of birth and name of the child Data of the other parent In the case of a maintenance obligation, it must be clarified in what amount and for what periods the maintenance is to be certified; in this case the child must already have been born

The acknowledgement of paternity and consent can also be certified at the registry office.
Appointment with the Office of Social Services - Youth Welfare Office, Specialist Service Assistance/support for minors - You have to appear in person. The best way to acknowledge paternity or declare custody is to come together with the mother of the child. After explaining the legal consequences of the document, it is read out and you can sign it. One receives certified copies of the document. When notarising maintenance, the "enforceable copy" of the deed is sent to the maintenance creditor