Name: Namensänderung für Kinder - Namenserteilung durch einen wiederverheirateten Elternteil und dessen Ehegatten (Einbenennung) Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The parent who has parental care of an unmarried child, alone or with the other parent, and his or her spouse who is not the parent of the child, may give their married name to the child they have taken into their joint household. They may also prefix or add this name to the name held by the child at the time of the declaration.

Current extract from the birth register of the childProof of the child's admission to the joint household , (you can obtain a household certificate from a BürgerServiceCenter at the Bürgeramt) current extract from the marriage register of the declaring parentConsent of the other parent if he or she shares parental custody with the declaring parent or if the child bears his or her nameConsent of the child, if he/she has reached the age of 5Identity card or passport of the person making the declarationProof that no custody declaration was made, if applicable, (available at the responsible youth welfare office)

The child must be under age and unmarried. The child must be in the common household. The consent of the other parent may still be required.
The relevant declarations must be made in person at the registry office.