Name: Subsequent determination of a common married name after marriage abroad Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The right to a name is regulated differently in each country. If a name for the spouses is entered in the foreign marriage certificate, this is not always valid for German citizens. A consultation at the registry office is therefore recommended. If you could not effectively determine a common married name at the time of the marriage abroad, this declaration can be obtained from us.

Current original of the marriage certificate (multilingual or with translation) with apostille and legalisation by the German embassy if necessary , (please ask what is required) Current birth certificates of the spousesBirth certificates of the common childrenif this is not your first marriage: marriage certificate of the premarital period and proof of the dissolution of the marriage (divorce decree or death certificate)Valid identity card or passport

The birth and marriage certificates to be presented should not be older than six months.
The relevant declarations must be made in person at the registry office.