Withdraw from the church Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Resignation from the Protestant or Catholic Church can be declared in Bremen as follows: in the case of the Protestant Church: Haus der Kirche, Kirchenkanzlei, Franziuseck 2-4, 28199 Bremen, Tel.: (0421) 5597-236 at the catholic church: AtriumKirche, Infozentrum + Seelsorge, Hohe Straße 7, 28195, Tel.: 3694-0. - in Bremen-North also at the respective catholic parish offices in Bremen-North. at the registry offices

The declaration of resignation can also be filled out at the registry office on presentation of the identity card; the signature will be certified by the registrar for a fee of 5.50 EUR. The declaration has to be forwarded to the responsible church so that the church exit becomes effective through the entrance at the church. Catholics living in Bremen-Nord have to send the exit declaration to the responsible parish office, because Bremen-Nord belongs to the diocese of Hildesheim. There the necessary steps will then be taken. The church tax liability ends at the end of the calendar month in which the declaration of leaving the church has become effective.