Apply for an international driving licence for Thailand Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The International Driver's License is required for a limited stay in Thailand. The International Driving License is only a translation of the national EU driving license and therefore only valid in conjunction with it.

Identity card or passportPhotograph, according to the photo sample board Driving licence

possession of a valid EU driving licence, or Possession of a valid foreign licence to drive motor vehicles in accordance with § 29 of the Driving Licence Ordinance (FeV) Residence - in Bremen or - in a state which has not ratified the Convention on Road Traffic of 24 April 1926. Important: This is a service in municipal competence. You can therefore only go to a service located in your place of residence.

If the applicant still has the old grey or pink driving licence, the old driving licence will be forcibly exchanged for a (new) EU driving licence in credit card format when the international driving licence is issued. International driving licences issued domestically for German motor vehicle drivers are not valid in the Federal Republic of Germany Up-to-date information on which country requires an international driving licence can also be obtained from the automobile clubs.
If an EU card driving licence must first be issued for the issuing of the international driving licence, at least 2-3 working days are required for this - even in urgent cases. If the paper driving licence (grey or pink) was not issued in Bremen, a copy of the card from the driving licence office which last issued a driving licence is required.