turn in lost property Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The lost property handed in shall be kept for six months. Lost property is: things that have an owner and have been lost. Stolen things that have been lost or thrown away by a thief or burglar. Are not lost property: deposited, borrowed or disposed of things. Animals that have been lost by their owners must also be handed in. The responsible office is the animal shelter in Hemmstraße. are not found animals: wild animals and abandoned animals. The handling of lost property is regulated by the law on lost property. Information on the legal background can be found in the German Civil Code (BGB) in paragraphs 965 to 984. The enforcement of private find law is not the responsibility of the public order office.

Notes for owners Anyone who has lost an item can either search for it "lost property online" or ask the lost property office during opening hours. Written confirmations for bicycles or other lost property not found will be issued during opening hours. Should a lost property contain references to a specific person, the lost property office will be notified immediately. In order to recover a lost object, the ownership of the object must be proven. Proofs are for example A spare key, Purchase receipts, Photos or other identifiers. Collection may be subject to a fee or finder's fee.
Finders are entitled to a finder's reward and the return of the lost property if it is not collected by the person entitled to ownership within 6 months. In case of return to the finder, an administration fee is due. Both claims must already be made when the lost property is handed over. The statutory finder's fee is 5 percent for an estimated value of the object of up to 500 Euro, 3 percent for an added value of 500 Euro and 3 percent for animals. Exceptions: Personal documents and keys cannot be handed over to the finder in order to protect personal data and privacy. This also applies to mobile phones and other local data carriers whose data cannot be deleted. For lost property in public authorities and traffic institutions: A finder's fee is only paid from a value of 50 euros and then only half of the legal finder's fee. The acquisition of ownership is excluded. There is no entitlement to a finder's reward for employees of the authorities or transport companies. For lost property in private business premises applies: The claim to a finder's fee and also the acquisition of ownership is only possible if a waiver by the business owner is present.