Immigration of skilled workers under the accelerated procedure Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

According to the new Skilled Worker Immigration Act, companies can allow trained employees and trainees to enter Germany in a so-called accelerated procedure, see § 81a Residence Act. A prerequisite is that the employees have completed a vocational training that is or can be recognised in Germany, see also: An application for entry of such a skilled worker or trainee can be submitted by companies based in Bremen to the Migration Office. Persons who do not live in Germany and wish to come to Germany as employees, trainees and students must continue to contact the German embassy in their home country and apply for a visa there, see our service description: "Residence Permit for Employment".

If you would like to employ a foreign specialist or a foreign trainee who is still living abroad and your company is based in Bremen, you can apply to the Migration Office for an accelerated procedure for professional recognition and visa procedures. For this purpose, please fill in the form which you will find on this page and mail it to You will then receive a reply within a week or an immediate appointment at the Migration Office so that we can clarify the requirements in a personal consultation and, if the requirements are met, start the procedure.