Tax registration of a company Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

These experts from the tax offices therefore help the founders of a new business, for example by filling in forms, providing information and advising them on general tax issues. The aim is to eliminate any "stumbling blocks" or "fear of contact" in dealing with the tax authorities and to accompany the young companies in their start-up phase, i.e. for about half a year.

Taking up self-employment, but not an employment relationship

You submit the tax registration questionnaire electronically to the Bremen tax office or the Bremerhaven tax office. The tax registration questionnaire can be downloaded from the tax authorities' free portal "My Elster" at can be transmitted . If you do not yet have an Elster certificate, you can create a temporary certificate for submitting the questionnaire within minutes on the specified website. Alternatively, you can also obtain personal advice by making an appointment in advance at the Bremen or Bremerhaven tax office