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The purpose of the standard land value map is to give the public an insight into the value structure of land. The standard land value map thus serves the transparency of the land market. It can only provide rough information. The specific value of an individual plot of land cannot generally be read off the map, as the special characteristics of this plot of land, e.g. in the type and extent of its structural use, yield situation, development status, size of the plot, plot layout etc. must then be taken into account. The map is published every two years and shows on three map sheets at a scale of 1 : 20 000 zonal standard land values of the land for the area of the municipality of Bremen. Standard land values are shown for residential areas (single and multi-family houses), mixed-use areas, core area areas, commercial building areas and special building areas, in some cases with further differentiation. The map also shows areas of agriculture and forestry as well as other areas. If reference values refer to building land, the respective development status and the situation under contribution law are shown. A standard land value zone contains at least one standard land value, but often several. If the latter is the case, the type of property to be valued determines the indicative land value to be assigned to it.


The standard land value map of the city of Bremen consists of 3 map sheets (Bremen-North, Bremen-West, Bremen-East) When moving out or buying: Please indicate delivery address and billing address . When the cards are sent, postage and packaging costs will be added to the stated fees.
The standard ground value map can be viewed free of charge at GeoInformation, for which an appointment is necessary by prior arrangement . This is only an inspection. Notes can be made, photography is not allowed! Excerpt from the standard soil value chart: Ordering is best done by e-mail, stating the address of the object to be evaluated as well as the delivery and invoice address. Please also state whether you would like to have the extract sent by e-mail or as a paper extract by post. A written order (letter or fax) is also possible. It is not possible to order by telephone, the invoice will be sent to you later by post. BORIS Bremen - Bremer Bodenrichtwerte Online The standard soil values of the city of Bremen are available online for a fee. In the presentation of the standard land values the Bremen expert committee has joined forces with colleagues from Lower Saxony. The Bremen standard land values can be accessed via the online system of the "Expert Committees for Land Values in Lower Saxony". There is the possibility of a single retrieval (15 minutes access) or a subscription.