Applying for a driving licence for the carriage of passengers Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

An additional permit (passenger transport licence) is required by anyone driving an ambulance if the vehicle is used for the transport of passengers for remuneration or business purposesor who drives a motor vehicle if passengers are transported in the vehicle and a permit is required for this transport in accordance with the Passenger Transport Act.

Identity card or passportProof of possession of an EU/EEA Class B driving licence or an Annex 11 state , Regarding Annex 11 FeV-State: see for the extent of this on the Internet at Certificate of good conduct of document type O, can be applied for at the driving licence authority For ambulances: proof of participation in first aid training medical and ophthalmological certificate in accordance with Annexes 5 and 6 of the Driving Licence Ordinance, There is an official form for these certificates, which is available to doctors. You can have the certificate issued by any doctor. At the time of application, the medical certificate may not be older than one year and the ophthalmological certificate may not be older than 2 years. Performance psychological assessment, Applicants for a driving licence for passenger transport (taxi / rental car) as well as applicants of classes D and D1 always require this certificate every time a driving licence is first issued. From the age of 50, bus drivers of classes D and D1 require this certificate additionally with every renewal. From the age of 60, holders of a driver's license for passenger transport (taxi / rental car) require this certificate additionally with every extension. The performance psychology examination includes, for example, a review of the ability to work under pressure, reaction ability, orientation performance and concentration ability. Proof that you meet these special requirements is provided by a company or occupational medical report or by a report from an officially recognised assessment centre for fitness to drive. For taxis: local knowledge examination

Possession of a driving licence in credit card format ("EU driving licence"); if necessary, the previous driving licence must first be exchanged for a card driving licence. If the driving licence was not issued in Bremen, a copy of the card is required from the driving licence office which last issued a driving licence. The copy of the card should not be older than six weeks. Minimum age: 21 years (19 years for ambulances) Possession of a category B driving licence (also from an EU/EEA country or a country listed in Annex 11 FeV) or an equivalent driving licence for at least two years (one year for ambulances) Proof of physical and mental fitness personal reliability (no serious criminal record and/or traffic violations) if the licence is to apply to taxis, proves in an examination that he has the necessary local knowledge in the area in which transport is compulsory. This does not apply if the location of the place of business has less than 50,000 inhabitants. The examination for Bremen is administered by the Fachvereinigung Personenverkehr, Jakobistraße 20, 28195 Bremen, Tel. (0421) 14 01 55.

The licence for the carriage of passengers is not required for ambulances of the German Armed Forces, the Federal Border Guard, the police, as well as the troops and civilian personnel of the other states party to the North Atlantic Treaty, civil protection ambulances, if they are used for its purpose Ambulances of the fire brigades and the rescue services recognised under state law (in Bremen these are DRK, MHD, ASB, JUH, promedica) motor vehicles, with the exception of taxis and hire cars, if the driver is in possession of category D or D1 In preparation for the local knowledge examination, the Fachvereinigung Personenverkehr, Jakobi-straße 20, 28195 Bremen, Tel.: (0421) 14 01 55, offers free information evenings. Please contact them parallel to the application. There is no exemption from the local knowledge examination e.g. for airport transport services.
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