Authentication of other documents Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The authentication of other documents is restricted to a specific purpose. In case of doubt, it will be checked whether a certification can be carried out according to the relevant regulations. The following documents may be certified for the purpose of applying for a training or study place: proof of civil or military service Diplomas from universities, colleges or similar KV, ZV, medical associations Computer print-outs issued in the original by an authority The following documents may be authenticated for the purpose of presentation to German offices or authorities: Diplomas from universities, colleges or similar Doctoral certificates in German language Naturalisation certificates Name changes by registry offices (is not a civil status certificate)

Presentation of the original document, The original must be written in German. Copies, if applicable, Copies brought in must reproduce the entire original document A multi-page document must not be copied on both sides

Authentication of foreign documents Authentications of foreign documents are only carried out for submission to a German authority. It must be possible for the applicant to designate the authority, as it must be included in the certification stamp. Authentications are possible on presentation a foreign document with translation (prepared by an officially sworn interpreter in Germany) a foreign document in Latin script without translation an original German translation of a foreign document Foreign documents in characters other than Latin (e.g. Russian, Chinese, etc.) without translation cannot be certified.