Rewriting foreign driving licences - EU/EEA Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Issue of a German driving licence on the basis of the foreign driving licence (so-called transfer). These driving licences do not have to be converted into a German driving licence document. A transfer is however possible on a voluntary basis.

Identity card or passportPhotograph, according to the photo sample board valid foreign driving licence , for EU driving licences in Cyrillic script with official translation

The licence is issued for the category in question if the applicant: has his normal residence in the country, has reached the required minimum age: - 25 years for direct access to Class A - 21 years for Classes D, D1, DE or D1E - 18 years for Class A if access is by steps and for Classes B, BE, C, C1, CE or C1E - 16 years for Classes A1, L, M and T is suitable for driving motor vehicles, In the case of driving licence categories which are limited in time in Germany, the German validity periods also apply if no or a longer period is entered in the foreign driving licence. More detailed information can be obtained from the driving licence authority.
Application to the driving licence authority Examination of the documents by the authority Obtaining information from the register (central traffic register, if necessary certificate of good conduct)