Residence permit on humanitarian grounds Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you live in Bremen with the status Duldung and you are unable to leave Germany for a longer period of time for reasons for which you are not responsible, you can apply for a residence permit at the Migration Office. Such reasons could be, for example: that a safe return to your home country is not possible, that you are so seriously ill in the long term that you are not fit to travel, that you are responsible for the care of a child in Bremen or that you are needed for the care of a close relative A residence permit on humanitarian grounds may also be considered if, for example are young or under 21 years of age and have lived in Germany for at least 4 years and have successfully attended school or completed an apprenticeship. Or if you have been living in Germany for at least eight years or, if you live together with a minor child, for at least six years and have integrated yourself sustainably in Germany. Further requirements are that there is no doubt as to your identity, that you are exempt from punishment and that, if you are an adult, you will, if possible, secure your own livelihood or make demonstrable efforts to do so, unless this should be impossible for you due to child-rearing or illness.

If you assume that you meet the requirements for a residence permit, you can apply for it at the Migration Office. For example, at your next appointment to extend your toleration. You can also send us a written request by e-mail to However, the staff of the Migration Office will also check on their own initiative whether, in certain circumstances, the prerequisites for granting the permit are met and, if we believe that this is the case, will raise the issue of extending your tolerance period.