Applying for accompanied driving from the age of 17 Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Young people can start their driving school training one year earlier. After passing the driving test, they will receive permission for classes B and BE (passenger cars). However, they may only drive if accompanied by a person named by name. The accompanying person must meet certain requirements.

Identity cardPassportProof of participation in a training course in life-saving emergency measuresVision test certificate (not older than 2 years)Declaration of consent by the person with custody , as well as their identity cards (also copies) and, if applicable, proof of custody List of accompanying personsDeclaration of consent of each accompanying person with a copy of the identity card and driving licence

Conditions as for the normal driving licence Custodians (usually the parents) must agree to the participation and also declare their consent to the accompanying persons Requirements for accompanying persons: Completion of 30 years of age, Possession of a valid driving licence category B (or even 3) for at least five years (the accompanying person must also carry their driving licence) no more than one point in the driving licence register at the time of issue of the test certificate no accompaniment of the holder of a test certificate, if the limits of 0.25 mg/l or 0.5 per mille alcohol in the blood are exceeded or if the accompanying person is under the influence of intoxicating substances

Subsequent change of accompanying persons in the audit certificate If a new companion is to be added to the test certificate after the licence has been issued, this must be requested from the driving licence authority. Necessary are: Declaration of consent of each accompanying person with a copy of the identity card and the driving licence Declaration of consent of the person with custody for the accompanying person For each escort 17.70 EUR in fees are to be paid to the driving licence authority. Applications for BF 17 are reinterpreted as a general application if it is received within 3 months before reaching the age of 18, or missing documents were not submitted until within the above-mentioned 3-month period and the application was therefore only complete within this period. The persons concerned, including the driving school, will not be informed. The number of accompanying persons is not limited. Participation in a preparatory event is voluntary, but is expressly and strongly recommended. The accompanying persons are not driving instructors. They are therefore not allowed to interfere with the steering wheel. Instead, they should give assistance in anticipatory driving, pass on their experience and exert a moderating influence on driving behaviour. In conflict situations they should be able to behave correctly; without preparation this is often difficult. The obligation for an accompanying person to ride with you ceases to apply when you reach the age of 18.
Conditions as for the normal driving licence Earliest start of training: 16 ½ years theoretical examination at the earliest three months before the 17th birthday practical driving test one month before the birthday. The application is made through the driving school, and the persons with custody (usually the parents) must give their consent. The accompanying persons must be named. After the application has been submitted, the authorities will check whether there are any concerns about suitability. Only when the suitability has been established can the TÜV be commissioned to accept the test. In any case, the theoretical and practical driving licence examination must be completed with compulsory training at a driving school. The examination certificate shall be issued after the practical driving examination has been passed, provided that at that time the driver has already reached the age of 17. If the examination is taken before the 17th birthday, the examination certificate can be collected from the driving licence authority after the 17th year has been completed. The examination certificate remains valid for a transitional period of three months after the 18th birthday. The EU card driving licence will be sent to you by mail by the driving licence authority when you reach the age of 18.