Change of address on identity card/passport/electronic residence permit Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you move house, you must have the address on your identity card/electronic residence permit or the place of residence on your passport updated. In the case of an identity card/electronic residence permit, the change of address is indicated by a sticker and the address is also changed on the ID chip. In the case of a passport, the change is made by hand and confirmed with a seal.

  • identity card or passport or electronic residence permit


You must already have registered or changed your registration with your local authority.

  • Passgesetz
  • Personalausweisgesetz
  • Aufenthaltsverordnung (AufenthV)

In the event of deregistration abroad, the identity card authority will replace the address in the identity card and in the electronic storage and processing medium with the note "no residence in Germany".

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