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In order to hold a street festival on public ground in the open air and in tents, you need a permit according to §18 Bremisches Landesstraßengesetz

We would like to point out that holding a street festival without the necessary permit, but also a violation of the conditions listed in the permit, is an administrative offence. This can be punished with a fine.

  • §18 Bremisches Landesstraßengesetz

For the permission of a street festival, please submit a written application with the following information:

  • Venue (outdoor or tent)
  • Event period
  • Event activities (planned music programme and possibly other event contributions such as play actions, construction of stages and stands)
  • Food and beverages (cost price or commercial delivery)

Please note that if you supply commercial alcoholic beverages for consumption on the spot, you need a permit in accordance with the German Restaurant Act. Information on the necessary application can be obtained from the Senator for Economics, Labour and Europe, Catering Department, by phone +49 421 361-6929.

Please submit your application as early as possible to the Ordnungsamt Bremen. The sooner we receive the application, the sooner we can inform you how you can organise your party as smoothly as possible. Please do not forget to include the full address of the person responsible with telephone number and e-mail address on your application so that additional information can be requested.

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