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Owners of land and premises are obliged to carry out the cleaning and inspection of sweeping and testing facilities on their own responsibility and in due time.installations subject to mandatory sweeping and inspection by an approved chimney sweep and to provide evidence of this to the authorised district chimney sweep.

The owners are also obliged to notify the authorised district chimney sweep of any changes to their installations that require inspection.

In the case of condominium owners, the obligations are incumbent on the respective owners, provided that combustion plants are in their special ownership. In the case of systems in general ownership, e.g. chimneys and central heating systems, the community of owners is obliged to take over the obligations.

The district chimney sweep carries out a comprehensive fireplace inspection twice within seven years. After a successful completion of the inspection, the owner of the property will be sent the notice of the fireplace. On page 3 of the fire installation notification all important dates for cleaning and inspection work to ensure operational and fire safety are shown.

If property owners do not comply with their legal obligation, the district chimney sweep will report this to the public order office.

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