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The Bremen public order office receives the registrations for the inspections, in Bremerhaven the citizens and public order office of the city of Bremerhaven is responsible.

The examinations for the general Heilpraktiker permission for Bremen and Bremerhaven are accomplished in the public health office Bremen.

At present, written examinations take place twice a year:

  • 3rd Wednesday in March
  • 2nd Wednesday in October

This is followed by oral and practical examinations about four to eight weeks later.


  • Primary residence in Bremen (alternatively, proof of professional activity as a non-medical practitioner in Bremen)
  • Punctual submission of the complete application documents

Information on the registration modalities can be obtained from Mrs. Michaelis at the public order office.

  • Heilpraktikergesetz

The examinations consist of a written and an oral-practical part, for which only those applicants are admitted who have passed the written part.

The examination is not an examination in the sense of a performance check to determine a certain qualification, but serves to avert dangers to the health of individual citizens and the population. According to the Heilpraktikergesetz, the question must therefore be examined as to whether the licence would pose a danger to public health. It follows from this that, in addition to knowledge of the relevant health regulations, such basic specialist knowledge of medicine must also be examined, without the mastery of which medical activities could easily be associated with dangers to human health.

Information on the contents of the examination is available at in the public health department.

In addition to the general Heilpraktiker permit, it is possible to apply for the following sectoral Heilkunde permits in Bremen:

  • Permission to professionally practice medicine in the field of psychotherapy.
  • Permission to professionally practice medicine in the field of physiotherapy
  • Permission for the professional practice of medicine in the field of podiatry

For further information on sectoral health care licences, please contact Ms Michaelis at the Ordnungsamt.

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