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The registry office enters the death of a person who died in the registry office district of Bremerhaven in the death register of the registry office of Bremerhaven.

The registry office is obliged to report the death of a person:

  • - every person who lived with the deceased in domestic community,
  • - the person in whose apartment the death occurred,
  • - any other person who was present at the time of death or who is aware of the death from his own knowledge.

If a funeral parlour is commissioned to handle the formalities, it will submit the documents required for notarisation to the registry office.

A signed funeral order / power of attorney must always be submitted to the Bremerhaven registry office by the funeral undertaker, stating that he/she is authorised to handle all the formalities required for the funeral.e.g. on behalf of the relatives or the client with hospitals, authorities or insurance companies.


The death must be reported to the registry office at the latest on the third working day following the death. The registry office of the place of death is responsible. The same deadline applies to stillbirths.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that the State of Bremen has introduced qualified post-mortem examinations as of August 1, 2017. The Bremen citizenship has enacted the law on mortuary services for this purpose. The core elements of the law are the separation between the determination of death in §§ 3 and 5 and the introduction of a qualified post-mortem examination in § 8. In future, every person who dies in the State of Bremen will be subjected to a post-mortem examination by a specially qualified post-mortem doctor after the determination of death.

Accordingly, the notarisation of a death can only take place after a qualified post-mortem examination has been carried out.

The submission of copies (including fax transmission) is not sufficient. Please submit only original documents.

The translation of foreign documents must be carried out by a sworn translator and submitted together with the original document.

In individual cases it may be necessary to submit further documents not mentioned below.

Necessary documents:

  • Certificate of death, issued by the doctor who certified the death,

In addition, if the deceased person was single:

  • birth certificate or certified copy from the birth register
  • simple registration information, if the deceased person was not resident in Bremerhaven

Additionally, if the deceased person was married:

  • marriage certificate or certified copy of the marriage entry/family register (for marriages before 01.01.2009)
  • Certified copy from the marriage register (for marriages after 31.12.2008)
  • extended information from the register of residents if the deceased person was not resident in Bremerhaven

In addition, if the deceased person was widowed or divorced:

  • as before marriage certificate or certified copy from the marriage entry/family register (for marriages before 01.01.2009), but extended by a dissolution note (death/divorce) and/or additionally death certificate or copy of the divorce decree with legal force note
  • extended register of residents information, if the deceased person was not resident in Bremerhaven

Additionally in the case of a death with foreign participation:

  • If the deceased person was not a German citizen, please present the passport and, if applicable, the passport of the spouse.
  • In case of marriage abroad or in case of death or divorce of the marriage abroad, please contact us to discuss the documents to be presented and, if necessary, the further procedure

In the event that notarisation cannot take place due to missing documents, the registry office will issue certificates of postponement of the notarisation of the death, which can at least be used to arrange the funeral of the deceased person.

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