Marriage: conversion of a registered civil partnership into a marriage Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

On 01.10.2017 the law introducing the right to marry for persons of the same sex came into force.

Existing civil partnerships can be converted into marriages if the civil partners declare in person and with simultaneous presence at the registry office that they wish to marry each other. The conversion is therefore a marriage.

  • Valid identity cards or passports
  • the extended registration certificate, if a person is not registered in Bremen or an information block has been set up in the register of residents
  • the current (not older than six months) certified copy of the civil partnership register or the current civil partnership certificate and the current certified copies of the birth register/birth certificates,

    if the registered civil partnership was not established at the registry office where the conversion is carried out


The conversion must be registered at the registry office (comparable to "Registration for marriage", see "i Where can I find out more").

The registered civil partnership must still exist.

The registry office responsible for the application for conversion is the registry office in whose district one of the marital partners is registered with a principal or secondary residence. The marriage itself can take place at any registry office.

The marriage itself can take place at any registry office.


Since the conversion is a marriage, both partners must be present at the registry office at this date. If the conversion does not take place directly after the application for conversion but, for example, in the course of a formal ceremony at a later date, it is possible to authorise a proxy for the date of application. It is best to contact the registry office in advance.

  • § 20a Lebenspartnerschaftsgesetz (LPartG)
  • § 17a Personenstandsgesetz (PStG)
  • Anmeldung zur Eheschließung

The couple decides whether the conversion is to take place at their desk or in one of the wedding rooms of the registry office.

Registration is only possible by prior appointment.

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