Name: Subsequent determination of a common married name after marriage in Germany Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If no common married name has been determined at the time of the marriage and the marriage still exists, the joint declaration to determine a married name can be made at a later date.


  • Determination of a married name (= common family name)
    The married name can be one of the birth names of the spouses or a family name that has been kept until marriage. As long as the marriage exists a revocation of the jointly determined married name is not possible.
  • Determination of a double name
    If a common married name has been determined, the person whose name has not become married name may prefix or append to the married name his or her maiden name or the surname used until the determination of the married name. The double name is connected by a hyphen.
    It is not possible to add a name if the married name already consists of several names.
    If the name that is to be prefixed or added to the married name consists of several names, only one of these names can be added.

  • Revocation of the double name
    The declaration of the prefix or appendix can be revoked at any time by a publicly notarised declaration. A new addition is then no longer possible.
  • Reacceptance of a previously used name
    After dissolution of the marriage, the birth name or the family name used until the determination of the married name can be reinstated. This declaration is irrevocable.

  • Current certified copy of the marriage register, unless the marriage was contracted at the registry office where the declaration of re-admission is made.
  • Valid identity card or passport


The registry office which keeps the marriage register is responsible for the "receipt" and thus for the validity of the declaration. However, the declaration can be made at any domestic registry office.
Example: The marriage was concluded at the registry office in Cologne, but the spouses both live in Bremen.

The registry office in Bremen can record the declaration and then send it to the registry office in Cologne. The declaration becomes effective the moment it is received by the received registry office.

The certified copy of the marriage register to be presented should not be older than six months.

The relevant declarations must be made in person at the registry office.

  • In case of determination of the married name:
    Joint declaration of the two spouses
  • If a name is added to the married name or if the original name is retaken:
    declaration by the person concerned.

All declarations are publicly notarized by the registry office.

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