Registering your residence, moving in from abroad Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The registration must be made within two weeks after moving into the (new) apartment at one of the B├╝rgerService facilities of the B├╝rgeramt. Please note that different forms are offered for the registration of families and individuals. The form for the registration of individuals must also be used by persons who are moving together but who are not married or living in a registered partnership of the same sex.

In the case of immigration from abroad, personal appearance is required for all persons subject to registration.

Registration via the Internet is not possible.

  • Proof of identity,

    e.g.: identity card or (child) passport

  • Form: Registration with a registration office,

    Available at the registration office or for download under "Forms".

  • Form: Confirmation of accommodation provider,

    Available at the registration office or for download under "Forms".


  • From the age of 16, no signature of the legal guardian is required
  • Vehicle documents must also be changed
  • Driving licences will not be changed.

For further information, please call (0421) 361-88662.

  • Neues Melderecht ab 01.11.2015

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