Land register - inspection of the land files Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The land registry examines the legitimate interest and, if the conditions are met, makes the files available for inspection.

  • Identity card of the applicant, if applicable, power of attorney of the represented person
  • Land register designation,

    Complete land register designation (e.g. Vorstadt L 43 sheet 1234)

  • Proof of legitimate interest ,

    e.g. power of attorney of the owner, draft sales contract or enforcement order


A legitimate interest is given if factual reasons can be given for the desired inspection, which make the pursuit of unauthorized purposes or mere curiosity seem impossible.

Therefore, for example, creditors of the property owner who intend to enforce the property, or prospective buyers with whom the property owner is already in negotiations may inspect the land file.

The legitimate interest must be proven by appropriate documents (power of attorney of the owner, draft of the purchase contract, enforcement order).

Each inspection is documented (§ 12 para. 4 Land Register Code).

The application is made either:

  • in person at the legal application office of the land registry (opening hours from 09:00 to 12:30)


  • in writing to the land registry.

However, if the application is made in person, the basic file cannot be inspected immediately, but on the next working day at the earliest (then only from 10 a.m.)

It is not possible to make an application by telephone or e-mail.


At the moment the land registry of Bremen is closed to the public. Inspection of files must be requested in writing. A signed application and proof of legitimate interest must be submitted.


It serves to speed up the procedure if the complete property designation (e.g. VL 43 sheet 1234) is given.

You will find this, for example, in your purchase and financing agreements.

The respective entitled persons can be represented by an authorised representative. The power of attorney must be submitted in writing.

  • Grundbuchordnung

The application for inspection of the land records shall be examined by the clerk of the court and a decision shall then be taken. The request for inspection must be made at least one day before the intended inspection.

The person inspecting the file may make copies of the file himself/herself on the coin-operated copying machine available (see fees).

Photographing the relevant pages from the files is also permissible.

Alternatively, a request may be made for copies to be made from the land file by the Land Registry office (see Fees).

The Land Registry only has black and white copiers available for copies up to A3 size.

Oversized partition plans cannot be copied from here. For this, please contact the building office, which keeps all plans relating to the certificates of seclusion.

It is not possible to take documents from the land file for independent copying.

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