Wohnberechtigungsschein beantragen / Bremerhaven Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A Wohnberechtigungsschein is issued both for the purchase of a subsidised rental apartment and for the application for subsidies for a property.

Whether a certificate of eligibility for housing can be issued and what size of apartment can be occupied depends on two factors:

  • the number of household members to be considered
  • Level of total income

The total income is the sum of the annual incomes of the household members to be taken into account, less certain allowances and deductions.

  • Severely disabled pass,

    with existing severe disability

  • School certificate ,

    for children over 16 years

  • Notification of receipt of care allowance,

    with existing severe disability

  • Copy of the passport,

    for foreign nationals

  • Current tenancy agreement or eviction order or other evidence of existing homelessness,

    when applying for a housing emergency

  • Certificate of matriculation ,

    For students

  • Last tax assessment / last tax return, profit and loss account,

    for self-employed persons

  • Notification of unemployment benefit I or II or notification of assistance with subsistence or basic support,

    for unemployed persons or persons receiving social assistance

  • All proof of income of all household members in the last 12 months,
    • Certificate of earnings
    • Tax-free income and capital gains


  • German nationality or
    Possession of a valid residence permit for 1 year
  • Presence of majority
  • Wohnraumförderungsgesetz (WoFG)

A written application must be made on the official form.

The signed and completed application form can only be sent by post or delivered in person.

The certificate of residence entitlement becomes invalid if the number of household members listed in the certificate changes after receipt.

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