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From 01.01.2022, children from 0 to 5 years of age are currently entitled to €177.00 per month, children from 6 to 11 years of age to €236.00 per month and in the third age bracket, i.e. until the age of 18, to €314.00 per month.


Who is entitled to advance maintenance payments?

Children who have not yet reached the age of twelve , and

children beyond the age of twelve up to the age of majority only

  • if they are not dependent on benefits according to the Second Book of the German Social Code (SGB II), or if they fall out of the SGB II benefit due to the advance maintenance payment


  • if the single parent in receipt of SGB II benefits has an income of at least € 600 gross

who lives in the federal territory with one of his parents who is single, widowed or divorced and

  • does not (any longer) live in a registered (same-sex) partnership or
  • lives permanently separated from his/her spouse/life partner or
  • whose spouse/life partner is accommodated in an institution/institution for an expected period of at least 6 months

and do not receive maintenance from the other parent, or do not receive it regularly or to the amount of the maintenance advance payments

and do not receive any other maintenance-related benefits (e.g. orphan's benefits, childcare allowance).

This also applies to foreign children if the children or the single parent are in possession of a residence title giving rise to a claim.

When is there no entitlement to advance maintenance payments?

A child is not entitled if

  • it is cared for by both parents
  • the applicant parent
    is married or
    is living in a registered (same-sex) partnership or
    is not permanently separated from his or her spouse/life partner (even if the partner is not the child's other parent) or
    the parent - whether married or not - lives with the other parent

  • the other parent pays maintenance of at least the amount of the maintenance advance payments
  • the child's needs are covered by child and youth welfare services according to SGB VIII (e.g. accommodation in a mother-child facility)
  • the applicant parent refuses to provide information about the other parent
  • the applicant parent refuses to cooperate in establishing the paternity or residence of the other parent.

How much is the advance maintenance payment?

The child support benefit is paid monthly in the amount of the minimum child support resulting from Section 1 of the Minimum Child Support Ordinance, less the first child's allowance.

In 2021, the benefit for children

  • in the first age bracket, i.e. up to the age of six, €177
  • in the second age bracket, i.e. until the child reaches the age of twelve, €236
  • in the third age group, i.e. up to the completion of the 18th year of life, 314,- €.

Maintenance payments from the other parent, orphan's pension, training allowance and, if applicable, other income of the child are offset against the maintenance advance amounts.

  • Gesetz zur Sicherung des Unterhalts von Kindern alleinstehender Mütter und Väter durch Unterhaltsvorschüsse oder –ausfalleistungen (Unterhaltsvorschussgesetz/UVG)

Written application to the Office for Youth, Family and Women.

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