Hundesteuer: Ummeldung eines Hundes / Bremerhaven Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

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  • Identity card
  • Dog tax stamp,

    Dog tax stamp (when deregistering from the municipality of Bremen].


If the residence is moved to another municipality, the dog must be deregistered in Bremerhaven and re-registered in the new municipality.
The deregistration is done by filling out the form for deregistration from the dog tax addressed to the tax office Bremerhaven and by returning the tag.


A change of registration does not take place automatically!

  • Hundesteuerortsgesetz in der Fassung vom 01.01.2005

The registration can take place:

  • in person (by means of a power of attorney it can also be done by another person)
  • in writing

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