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In contrast to the standing trade, the travel trade usually requires a permit, a so-called travel trade card. The travel trade card can be applied for and issued for a limited or unlimited period.

The statutory shop opening hours are also binding for the travel trade.

There are also activities in the travel industry for which no travel trade card is required. The commencement of these activities must be notified.

  • completed application form
  • Identity card or passport,

    - one copy is sufficient in case of written notification
    - in case of representation with written power of attorney, the authorised representative must be able to identify himself with an identity card or passport

  • Proof of personal reliability,

    If you have your residence in Germany, you usually need:
    - certificate of good conduct
    - extract from the central trade register

    If you are resident abroad, you will need documents from your home country proving that you have the personal reliability to provide the service you require.

  • Travel trade card for insurance intermediaries or consultants or as a broker, property developer, construction supervisor, investment advisor or loan broker,

    additional proof of orderly financial circumstances

    - If you are resident in Germany, you usually need:
    - extract from the debtors' register
    - certificate of the insolvency court
    - certificate of the tax office in tax matters

    - If you live abroad, you need documents from your home country that prove that you live in an orderly financial situation.

  • Travel trade card for insurance intermediaries or consultants in addition,

    Proof of competence or proof of expertise or you prove the delegation of expertise to a supervisor

  • Travel trade card for security services,

    - additional proof of the funds and securities required for the operation (if you are resident in Germany, you usually also need an extract from the debtors' register)
    - additional proof of instruction or proof of instruction from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or proof recognised as equivalent in accordance with the Guard Ordinance

  • Travel trade card for auctioneers,

    additional permission as auctioneer (if necessary as a publicly appointed auctioneer)

  • Proof of the entrepreneurial legal form,

    if the registered office is in Germany:
    - if the company is registered: Extract from the commercial register and, if necessary, a copy of the articles of association (e.g. in the case of a civil law partnership (GbR))

    if the company is based abroad:
    - documents from the country of domicile proving the legal form


A travel trade is operated if

  • commercially without prior order outside his commercial establishment or
  • without having such a branch,
  • goods are offered for sale or orders are sought (sold) or purchased,
  • services are offered or orders for services are placed or entertaining activities are carried out as a showman or by showman type.


When verifying personal reliability, the authorising authority may, on a case-by-case basis, request other documents in addition to those listed, which are suitable for making a statement on personal reliability as an applicant.

In the case of legal entities (limited liability companies, business companies, public limited companies, registered cooperatives), the application form is only to be completed for the legal entity itself. All personal documents must be submitted for all natural persons entitled to manage the business (e.g. certificate of good conduct, extract from the central trade register, personal papers). An extract from the central trade register must be requested separately for the legal entity.

In the case of partnerships which are not themselves capable of being licensed as such (GbR, KG, OHG, PartG, GmbH & Co. KG), each managing partner requires permission, so that an application form and all personal documents are required for each one.

  • § 55 Abs. 2 Gewerbeordnung (GewO)

The application for a travel trade card must be submitted to the competent authority.

The travel trade card must be signed when it is issued.

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