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  • According to § 90 of the Ninth Book of the Social Code IX (SGB IX), the task of integration assistance is to enable those entitled to benefits to lead an individual life that corresponds to human dignity and to promote full, effective and equal participation in life in society. The performance should enable them to plan and lead their lives as self-determinedly and responsibly as possible.
  • Persons who are substantially limited in their ability to participate in society or who are threatened by such a substantial disability as a result of a disability within the meaning of § 2.1 sentence 1 of the First Book of the Code of Social Law IX receive integration assistance if and as long as there is a prospect that the task of integration assistance can be fulfilled.
  • Integration assistance includes benefits for medical rehabilitation, participation in working life, education and social participation.
  • The benefits of the integration assistance are determined by the specificity of the individual case, in particular by the nature of the need, the personal circumstances, the social space and the individual's own strengths and resources.


The group of persons entitled to benefits includes both disabled persons and persons threatened by disability. Persons whose ability to participate in society due to a disability is significantly restricted or threatened by such a significant disability are entitled to benefits from integration assistance (§ 2, Subsection 1, Sentence 1, Social Code Book IX).

Disabled persons within the meaning of § 2.1 sentence 1 of the Social Code IX are persons whose physical function, mental ability or mental health is expected to deviate from the typical state of old age by more than six months and whose participation in society is therefore impaired. People are threatened by a disability if the impairment is to be expected (§ 2.1 Social Code Book IX).

A further prerequisite is that the impairment is a significant disability that significantly impairs integration into society.

Other service providers:

  • Sozialgesetzbuch IX (Neuntes Buch)
  • Sozialgesetzbuch XII (Zwölftes Buch)

Beneficiaries are advised and supported by the social welfare office, also in the presence of a trusted person if desired. The counselling covers in particular the personal situation of the beneficiary, the strengthening of self-help to participate in life in the community, the benefits including access to the benefit system, administrative procedures, references to benefit providers and other counselling services.

Support is provided, among other things, in the application process, in clarifying responsibilities, in fulfilling obligations to cooperate and in the use of services.

In order to receive integration assistance, an application must be submitted to the Social Office. The benefit is dependent on income and assets, whereby a contribution from income is only payable when an income limit is exceeded. A contribution is not payable for individual integration assistance benefits (e.g. curative education benefits, participation in working life or education). The applicant person and, in the case of minors, the parents living in the household must raise funds from their assets before claiming benefits, whereby asset limits apply here too.

Within the framework of a general plan procedure, applicants are involved in all procedural steps. The beneficiary's wishes regarding the objective and type of benefits are documented. The individual need is determined by the public health department. With the consent of the beneficiary, an overall plan conference is held in which the beneficiary, the social welfare office, the health office and participating service providers discuss the results of the needs assessment.

After the conclusion of the overall plan conference, the social welfare office determines the benefits and issues a decision on the approved benefits.

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