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Collectors, transporters, dealers and brokers of waste are required to notify the competent authority of the activity of their establishment before it starts operating. An exception is made for companies that have a permit for this activity in accordance with § 54 KrWG and for commercial enterprises that collect or transport no more than 2 tons of hazardous waste or 20 tons of non-hazardous waste in a calendar year.

Notification is/are required:

  • any undertaking which collects, transports, trades or brokers in waste
  • public waste management authorities, insofar as they trade or broker hazardous waste
  • Specialist disposal companies that are exempt from the licensing requirement under § 54 KrWG
  • Collectors and transporters who collect or transport hazardous waste for recovery in accordance with § 12 AbfAEV within the framework of voluntary or prescribed take-back
  • Collectors and transporters who collect or transport end-of-life vehicles within the scope of the transfer according to § 4 of the End-of-Life Vehicles Ordinance
  • Business registration
  • Extract from the commercial register,

    if the applicant is a legal person

  • Waste law-related establishment number(s) ,

    as collector, carrier, broker or dealer of waste (if already granted)

  • Specialist disposal company certificate,

    or certificate of registration as a certified EMAS organisation (if the organisation has the relevant certification)

  • Transaction number of the first display,

    (if you want to create a change notification)


The owner of an establishment as well as the persons responsible for the management and supervision of the establishment must be reliable and have the necessary expertise and knowledge for their work.

There are different requirements for the technical and expert knowledge for companies that

  • carry out the collection, transport, trade and brokerage of waste on a professional basis

These include companies with a permanent independent activity aimed at making a profit precisely by collecting, transporting, trading or brokering waste. This includes companies whose purpose is, in whole or in part, to collect, transport, trade or broker waste, or at least a significant part of it, in return for payment. More stringent requirements are imposed on companies that operate commercially with regard to the necessary expertise and technical knowledge of the owner and the persons responsible.

  • carry out the collection, transport, trade and brokerage of waste within the framework of commercial undertakings

Collection and transport "within the framework of economic operators" is when the main purpose of the operator is not the collection, transport, trade or brokerage of waste but another service. Examples are craftsmen who collect waste from their own activities or dismantle/replaced components from customers.


A copy or printout of the notification confirmed by the authority shall be carried by the collector and transporter during transport.

  • Kreislaufwirtschafts- und Abfallgesetz
  • Verordnung über die Nachweisführung bei der Entsorgung von Abfällen

The notification must be submitted by the company to the competent waste management authority. A form must be filled in for this purpose.

After receipt of the notification, the authority checks its completeness and assigns an identification number if necessary. If the notification has been submitted in full, a written confirmation of receipt will be issued. The documents are to be retained. In case of substantial changes, the notification must be made again.

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