Basic provision in old age and in case of permanent reduction in earning capacity / Bremerhaven Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Basic provision in old age and in the event of a permanent reduction in earning capacity is granted to ensure the necessary subsistence if one's own income and assets or those of one's spouse or partner are not sufficient. Since January 1, 2005, basic income support has been a form of social assistance (assistance for subsistence).

In contrast to other social assistance benefits, no maintenance is demanded from dependent children or parents if their annual income is below 100,000 euros. The benefits are essentially the same as subsistence assistance.

The basic provision includes

  • the applicable standard rate of social assistance
  • the reasonable actual costs of accommodation and heating
  • Additional requirements in the case of possession of a severely disabled person's card with the characteristic G and in the case of illness, if a costly diet is required
  • Contributions to health and long-term care insurance

Basic income support is also provided in the case of inpatient accommodation, for example in a nursing home.

  • Proof of permanent incapacity to work,

    e.g. determination of the pension insurance institution, employment in a workshop for disabled people

  • Identity card
  • proof of income and assets of the applicant,

    All proof of income and assets, e.g. pension statements, alimony, other social benefits, savings books, life insurance, car

  • proof of income and assets of the spouse or partner,

    These are e.g. employment income, unemployment benefit, other social benefits, savings books, life insurance, car

  • Divorce decree or judgment,

    If you are divorced.

  • Supporting titles ,

    If available: Maintenance certificate, court order - judgment or proof of service of the maintenance claim.


  • Reaching the age limit (staggered by years of birth) or older
  • partially disabled
  • Income below the relevant basic income support requirement
  • no realizable assets
  • §§ 41 bis 46 Sozialgesetzbuch Zwölftes Buch (SGB XII)

The application may be made in writing, by telephone or even in person without observing any form. The necessary application documents must then be submitted in full and in a timely manner.

The Social Office provides an application form for the application of benefits according to Social Code Book XII. It is usually filled out by the clerk together with the applicant.

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