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The establishment of a private vocational school in Bremen requires state recognition or a permit. Private schools are all schools whose sponsors are not the state of Bremen or a municipality. Private schools cooperate with the state schools in fulfilling the public education and training mandate within the framework of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany and the State Constitution of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. They complement and enrich the public school system with special contents and forms of education and teaching.


Private schools are substitute or supplementary schools. Replacement schools are private schools which correspond to those in §§ 25 to 29 of the Bremen Schools Act or courses of education, with the exception of schools which provide training for professions for which there is no publicly funded school in the State of Bremen. All other private schools are supplementary schools. In the following we will only deal with these.

Private supplementary schools are to be reported to the Senator for Children and Education before teaching begins.

On application, a vocational supplementary school is granted the status of a recognised supplementary school if it serves to provide training for a specific profession. In this case, instruction must be given in accordance with a state-approved training regulation. Upon recognition, the school is granted the right to hold examinations in accordance with a state-approved training regulation.

1. notification of a private supplementary vocational school

The display procedure can be done informally.

  • According to § 4 of the Private Schools Act, private schools that require approval or notification under this Act must bear a name that identifies them as private schools. Incorrect or misleading names may not be used.
  • The establishment of supplementary schools must be reported to the Senator for Children and Education before teaching activities begin. The notification must contain precise details of the start of instruction, the type of school, the structure of instruction in accordance with § 14, Sub-Clause 1 Brem. Private School Act and with reference to § 14 para. 3 Brem. Privatschulgesetz and the training objective.

2. recognition of a private supplementary vocational school

The procedure for the recognition of a private supplementary school is also possible informally. However, it is very extensive; usually several personal interviews will be necessary. The following requirements are regulated by law:

  • The presentation of the social significance or the existence of a public interest in the training provided - in accordance with the requirements of § 15 Paragraph 1 and § 15 Paragraph 3 Brem. Private School Act (training for a specific occupation, instruction in accordance with a training regulation approved by the state) is expected.
  • The provider, the head and the teachers must have personal reliability (police clearance certificate).
  • In addition, they must also possess the professional skills (curriculum vitae, proof of acquired school and vocational qualifications, professional activities, pedagogical qualifications) required for the operation or management of a supplementary school or for teaching at it. Managers and teachers shall require a permit to carry out their activities.
  • The information of the pupils about educational goals, admission requirements for training and examination, teaching hours according to subjects, costs for school attendance, rights of termination must be ensured. A sample of the training contract must be submitted.
  • An overview of all teaching rooms (including sanitary facilities), a description of the teaching and learning material equipment, teaching and training plans and proof of the economic situation must be submitted. The curricula and training plans must be designed in such a way that a successful completion is possible on the basis of the timetable. The learning material must meet the requirements and be appropriate to the number of students.
  • The curricula and training plans must be submitted.
  • According to § 15 paragraph 6 Brem. Private School Act, recognition expires if the school does not open within one year or if the school is not operated for one year without the consent of the Senator for Children and Education or if it is closed.
  • The institution of a recognised supplementary school is obliged to notify the competent authority immediately of any significant changes in the circumstances relevant to the approval or recognition (§ 18.4 of the Private School Act).
  • According to § 15 Abs. 5 Brem. Privatschulgesetz, the status as a recognised supplementary school is to be revoked if the requirements set out in paras. 1 to 3 are not met.
  • The school needs examination regulations. These regulations must be approved by the Senator for Children and Education.

The state recognition of a supplementary school and the approval of the examination regulations (these will be requested later, if necessary) are subject to a fee according to the cost regulations of the Education and Science Administration.

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