Land register - apply for an extract from the land register Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

A certain group of persons (owner, person entitled in rem, creditor or their authorized representative) can apply for the issuance of a land register extract at the competent local court (land registry office) in person or by written application (not by telephone and not by e-mail). The land registry will verify the legitimate interest and, if the requirements are met, will issue an extract from the land register.

  • Identity card of the applicant, if applicable, power of attorney of the represented person
  • Land register designation,

    Complete land register designation (e.g. Vorstadt L 43 sheet 1234)

  • Proof of legitimate interest ,

    e.g. power of attorney of the owner, draft sales contract or enforcement order


Only those who have a legitimate interest may apply for an extract from the land register.

This is the case if factual reasons for the desired inspection can be presented which rule out the pursuit of unauthorized purposes or mere curiosity. Therefore, for example, creditors of the property owner who intend to foreclose on the property may inspect the land register.

A mere interest in purchase is not sufficient. Only those who are already in negotiations with the land owner have a legitimate interest in inspecting the land register. This must be proven - for example, by presenting a power of attorney from the owner or a draft purchase agreement.


It serves to speed up the procedure if the complete property designation (e.g. VL 43 sheet 1234) is given.

You will only receive information on the owner if you state a legitimate interest when making the enquiry.

The respective entitled parties may be represented by an authorised representative. The power of attorney must be submitted in writing.

  • Grundbuchordnung

ATTENTION: Currently the Bremen Land Registry is closed for spontaneous customers. Land register extracts must be requested in writing. For this purpose, a signed application (see form) and proof of legitimate interest must be submitted.

The application is made

  • in person at the Legal Application Office of the Land Registry (opening hours from 09:00 to 12:30) > Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. However, if the application is submitted in person, the land file cannot be inspected immediately, but at the earliest on the next working day (then only from 10 a.m.). The request for inspection must therefore be made at least one day before the intended inspection.

  • in writing by mail or e-mail (please scan or photograph the request beforehand).

  • It is not possible to apply by telephone.

The application for an extract from the land register will be examined by the clerk of the court and granted if the requirements are met. The extract can be issued as a simple copy or as an official extract.

If only a partial extract can be issued (e.g. because there is no legitimate interest in the registered encumbrances), it must be issued as an official extract (§ 45 Land Register Decree).

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