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The assembly authority in Bremen is the Ordnungsamt. In Bremen, the federal law on assemblies (VersammlG) applies.

At the Ordnungsamt, applicants can obtain advice on the details of assemblies. In case of ambiguities or extensive planning needs, the Ordnungsamt invites you to a cooperation meeting, in which, if necessary also together with the police, ambiguities can be eliminated and possible problems can be solved.

Especially if you want to hold an assembly in the city center, it is advisable to first contact the Ordnungsamt by telephone, so that it can be clarified which central places are available on the date you want.

There is no fee for registering and holding an assembly.

To register your assembly, please use the digital notice of assembly. You will find this under the item further information.

  • Art.8 Grundgesetz (GG)
  • Versammlungsgesetz

Registration for the meeting can be made in person or in writing (letter, e-mail, fax).

Anyone who wishes to hold a public meeting (rally, elevator) under the open sky must register it with the public order office at least 48 hours before announcement in accordance with § 14 VersammlG.

Announcement of a meeting means to publish the meeting with place, time and topic, e.g. by making it public on homepages, distribution of leaflets or calls in open social networks.

The following information is required for registration

  • Details of the applicant
    (first and last name, address, telephone number/mobile number)
  • Details of the chairperson of the meeting
    (first and last name, address, telephone number/mobile number)
  • Place and time (start/end) of the meeting
  • Subject of the meeting
  • Indication of means of assembly
    (banners, loudspeakers, etc.)
  • Route of an elevator
    (if the assembly is moving, all streets and squares affected)

Please use the registration form on the right side!

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