Accompanying aids in working life Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Accompanying assistance in working life includes all measures and services that are necessary to ensure that the severely disabled person can participate in working life and thus in society and to avoid dismissals.

Accompanying help in working life can be:

  • financial benefits to employers and to severely disabled persons, for example, for the design of the workplace to make it accessible to the disabled
  • professional counselling and personal assistance by the Integration Office
  • psychosocial care of severely disabled people by the integration service

Benefits provided by rehabilitation institutions - especially pension insurance institutions - have priority.


  • Workplace with at least 15 working hours per week
  • Severely handicapped status exists (or equality by the employment agency)

Depending on the type of assistance, other conditions may apply.

Which documents are necessary?

  • Informal written application
  • Determination notice from the pension authority and, if applicable, equal opportunities notice from the employment agency

Other necessary documents depend on the type of assistance.


Sometimes difficult disability-specific and organisational problems have to be solved. The integration offices and the special services they have set up provide individual advice and support on all issues relating to the employment of disabled people. This also includes the specialist integration service.

  • Sozialgesetzbuch IX (Neuntes Buch)

After receipt, the application will be examined. This may require a workplace inspection by the Technical Advisory Service of the Integration Office. Frequently, a workplace inspection is carried out first and then the application is submitted in order to advise on possible assistance.

As soon as all necessary documents are available and have been examined, the Integration Office issues a decision in which

  • the nature of the help,
  • the amount of the financial assistance, and
  • the form of the aid

must be specified. Depending on the type of aid, financial aid can be provided as a grant or loan.

If it is established that a rehabilitation agency or another integration office is primarily responsible for the assistance applied for, the application will be forwarded to the competent office without delay.

Applications for accompanying assistance must be submitted regularly to the Integration Office in whose area of responsibility the severely disabled person's workplace is located. Applications can be made by the severely disabled person or by the employer.

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