Aptitude test for the recognition of the professional qualification as tax consultant Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The aptitude test is a special form of the tax consultant examination for persons who, with a professional qualification which they have acquired in other European countries or which has been recognised there, wish to work commercially (i.e. independently) as a tax consultant in Germany or wish to use the title "tax consultant". It is not possible to enter the profession in Germany on the sole basis of a completed domestic or foreign vocational training (studies or commercial training). In any case, a state examination (the tax consultant examination or the aptitude test) must be successfully completed beforehand. The admission to the aptitude test must be applied for in writing. The admission requirements are checked by the Hanseatic Chamber of Tax Consultants Bremen. An information sheet on the admission requirements is available at http://www.stbkammer-bremen.de/zulassung-befreiung-eignungspruefung-verbindliche-auskunft.html.


  • The application for admission to the aptitude test must be submitted on an officially prescribed form and addressed to the Hanseatic Chamber of Tax Consultants in Bremen if the applicant at the time of application is predominantly employed in Bremen or - if he/she is not employed - has his/her place of residence here or - if he/she is resident abroad - wants to settle down in Bremen.
  • The application form for admission to the qualifying examination is available at http://www.stbkammer-bremen.de/zulassung-befreiung-eignungspruefung-verbindliche-auskunft.html and can be filled out online. The documents can also be obtained from the Hanseatic Chamber of Tax Consultants in Bremen against a self-addressed and sufficiently stamped envelope (compact letter in DIN long format).


Further details on the audit procedure are available on the website of the Hanseatic Chamber of Tax Consultants Bremen at http://www.stbkammer-bremen.de/zulassung-befreiung-eignungspruefung-verbindliche-auskunft.html.     

  • § 37a Absatz 2 Steuerberatungsgesetz (StBerG)

You fill out the application (online if necessary), provide it with a current passport photo and send it signed with all the documents to be attached to the Hanseatische Steuerberaterkammer Bremen, Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts, Am Wall 192, 28195 Bremen.     

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