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If a registered vehicle has been purchased, a transfer to the name of the new holder must be applied for immediately at the vehicle registration office at the new holder's main residence. The application may be made in person. A representative with written power of attorney may also be appointed.

  • if registered to companies,

    in addition:
    - business registration and, if available, extract from the commercial register (also as a copy)
    - power of attorney, if the person entitled to dispose of the property does not personally submit the application on site

  • in case of representation with written power of attorney,

    additionally: identity card or passport of the authorised representative

  • Direct debit authorisation for motor vehicle tax (SEPA Direct Debit Mandate)
  • Registration certificate part I (formerly: vehicle registration document)
  • Registration certificate part II (formerly: vehicle registration document),

    If the ZB II is in the possession of a third party, it must be sent to the licensing authority. Only when the document is available to the authority can the change be made.
    After completion, the document is returned to the sender.

  • electronic insurance confirmation (eVB)
  • if necessary, confirmation of reservation for the desired license plate
  • valid test report on a general inspection,


  • valid identity card or passport
  • external licence plates,

    in the case of registered vehicles which are not registered in Bremen or Bremerhaven at the time of their registration there


  1. No outstanding fees and expenses from previous admission procedures.
    In case of payment arrears, the registration authority may not register the vehicle until these have been settled. A clarification of payment arrears is only possible at the Bürgerbüro Nord in Stadthaus 5.
  2. No motor vehicle tax arrears (including additional tax payments such as interest, late payment surcharges).
    The motor vehicle tax accounts are checked by the registration office as part of the processing of the registration application. In the case of existing tax arrears, the registration office may not register the vehicle until these have been paid. The amount of the tax arrears can be obtained from the Bremerhaven customs office, telephone 0471 9842-0.
  3. Written direct debit authorization for the collection of motor vehicle tax


  • If a vehicle is registered, a written direct debit authorisation is required for the customs administration to collect the vehicle tax.
  • Motor vehicle tax exemption or reduction due to severe disability:
    Severely disabled persons with the mark "H", "BI" or "aG" in their severely disabled pass are still exempt from motor vehicle tax. They do not need to submit a direct debit authorization because of the evidence in their ID. Further information can be obtained from the main customs office in Bremen under 0421 3897-0.
  • § 13 Fahrzeug-Zulassungsverordnung (FZV) (Mitteilungspflichten bei Änderungen)
  • Gebührenordnung für Maßnahmen im Straßenverkehr (GebOSt)
  • § 13 Kraftfahrzeugsteuergesetz (KraftStG)
  • § 6a Abs. 8 Straßenverkehrsgesetz (StVG) iVm § 1 Gesetz zur Beitreibung von Gebühren- und Auslagenrückständen bei der Zulassung von Fahrzeugen im Land Bremen (Beitreibungserleichterungsgesetz Kfz-Zulassung – BEG HB)
  • An application for approval must be submitted to the approval authority. The application can also be made by a representative (e.g. car dealer) with a written power of attorney.
  • If a desired license plate is desired, a reservation can be made in person, in writing or by telephone, or as an online service via the Internet, even before new registration.
  • When the vehicle is registered to the new vehicle owner, a new registration certificate Part I (previously: vehicle registration document) is issued. It may also be necessary to issue a registration certificate Part II (previously: vehicle registration document).
  • In the event of a change of owner within Bremerhaven, the previous registration numbers can still be used. In such a case, an already existing particulate matter sticker also remains valid.
  • If the used vehicle was last registered in another registration district, new registration plates and, if necessary, a new particulate matter sticker are required.
  • The insurance company is automatically informed by the registration authority about the allocation of the license plate number.

To avoid long waiting times, appointments can be made by telephone at the following numbers:

  • for Bremerhaven: (0471) 590-3470 or 3480 or online via: https: //

The dealer's counter is located at the Bürgerbüro Nord in Stadthaus 5.
The costs for the signs are not included in the fees, but must be paid to the sign manufacturers.

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