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The Social Code XII § 53 regulates the entitlement of disabled persons or persons threatened by a disability to integration assistance. Integration assistance for disabled persons is a benefit of social assistance (Social Code XII), which aims to integrate the disabled person into society and enable him/her to lead a largely independent life. Benefits of the integration assistance are:

  • Benefits for medical rehabilitation
  • Benefits for participation in working life
  • Services in recognised workshops for disabled people
  • Services for participation in community life
  • Aid for an adequate school education
  • assistance with school education for an appropriate profession, including attendance at a university
  • Assistance with training for other appropriate activities

Follow-up assistance to ensure the effectiveness of medical and medically prescribed measures and to ensure the participation of disabled people in working life.


The group of persons entitled to benefits includes both disabled persons and persons threatened by disability. Persons whose ability to participate in society due to a disability is significantly restricted or threatened by such a significant disability are entitled to benefits from integration assistance (§ 2, Subsection 1, Sentence 1, Social Code Book IX).

Disabled persons within the meaning of § 2.1 sentence 1 of the Social Code IX are persons whose physical function, mental ability or mental health is expected to deviate from the typical state of old age by more than six months and whose participation in society is therefore impaired. People are threatened by a disability if the impairment is to be expected (§ 2.1 Social Code Book IX).

A further prerequisite is that the impairment is a significant disability that significantly impairs integration into society.


Supplementary benefits:

In addition to the benefits listed above, further costs are to be covered under the conditions specified in §§ 20 and 22 of the Regulation on Integration Assistance.

These include:

  • The costs for the instruction of caregivers (§ 20 Integration Assistance Ordinance).
  • Travel costs for the accompanying person (§ 22 Integration Assistance Ordinance).
  • Other expenses of the accompanying person connected with the journey (§ 20 Integration Assistance Ordinance).
  • Other costs of the accompanying person (§ 22 Integration Assistance Ordinance).
  • Sozialgesetzbuch IX (Neuntes Buch)
  • Sozialgesetzbuch XII (Zwölftes Buch)
  • Eingliederungshilfeverordnung - § 60 Sozialgesetzbuch XII (Zwölftes Buch)

The benefits of integration assistance can be both in cash and in kind. The amount and scope of the benefits are calculated according to

  • Nature and severity of the disability
  • Financial circumstances

Applications for integration assistance are submitted to the Social Services Department of the district in which the recipient resides.

Depending on the individual case, various proofs are required to make applications, such as proof of income or medical reports. It is recommended to obtain information on the required documents from the competent authority before filing the application.

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