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Advice and support for the application of a housing adaptation measure (WAM)

WAM is an instrument to create living space for people with disabilities/ people in need of care, which takes into account their individual needs if their housing requirements cannot be met in any other way.

WAM are all measures of a structural and non-structural nature which make it easier for the handicapped person/person in need of care or which make it possible for him/her to lead a life largely independent of outside help or which facilitate his/her care, e.g. by relatives or other persons.

  • Application for support for a housing adaptation measure,

    Informal application with the purpose of the handicapped accessible reconstruction of the living environment

  • Declaration of consent of the landlord for the implementation of a housing adjustment measure,

    The condominium owner must agree to a conversion measure.   

  • Notification of the nursing insurance fund about the classification in a nursing level (if available),

    Confirmation of the need for care by the nursing care insurance fund.

  • Severely handicapped person's identity card or notification of the Bremen pension office (if available),

    evidence of officially recognised severe disability

  • proof of income and assets of the applicant,

    All proof of income and assets, e.g. pension statements, alimony, other social benefits, savings books, life insurance, car


  • severe disability (ID, degree of disability is not relevant) and/or
  • Classification into a nursing care level by the nursing care insurance fund of the health insurance fund


Changes in income levels (e.g. taking up work, an inheritance) can affect the entitlement to benefits and must therefore be reported immediately to the Social Services Agency.

  • §§ 53 und 54 Sozialgesetzbuch Zwölftes Buch (SGB XII)
  • Zuständigkeiten Zentrale Fachstelle Wohnen

Citizens make an appointment for counselling at the Central Housing Office.

The application for support for a housing adjustment measure can be made informally, e.g. via the staff of the Central Specialist Office for Housing, the Adult Social Service, carers, relatives, etc.

The employees of the Central Specialist Office for Housing collect all the necessary documents for income and asset verification and forward them to the responsible Social Centre of the Office for Social Services, Economic Assistance Department, for the issuing of notifications.

The architect of the Central Office for Housing then contacts the applicants and arranges an on-site visit to clarify how and in what form a conversion must take place.

After consultation with craftsmen, a cost estimate is drawn up.

After the cost assurance by the economic aid, the reconstruction measure can be implemented as described in the cost estimate.

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