Housing allowance - apply for a burden-sharing allowance Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In the case of the burden subsidy, the financial burden plus the amount for relief in heating costs is subsidised. The costs must be borne by the owner himself, not by third parties.

Owners of owner-occupied homes receive

  • of an owner-occupied house
  • of an owner-occupied flat
  • of a commercial building or a business enterprise, if the house is owner-occupied
  • Owners of a block of flats with three or more flats, if the house is owner-occupied, must apply for a rent subsidy.

Whether housing assistance can be claimed, and if so, how much, depends on three factors:

  • Number of household members to be considered
  • Amount of the total income
  • Amount of the burden

The total income is the sum of the annual incomes of the household members to be taken into account minus certain exemptions and deductions.

  • Copy of all documents
  • Notarised purchase contract at the initial application
  • Extract from the land register on first application
  • Loan agreements of the initial financing at the time of the initial application
  • Proof of the production costs - if the financing is higher than the purchase price - in the form of proof of notary and court costs of the brokerage fees and the land transfer tax
  • Current property tax assessment and proof of payment
  • Annual interest notifications of the previous year for all loans and building society contracts
  • Proof of payment of the loan instalments
  • Business plan for condominiums
  • Proof of the housekeeping allowance, if applicable
  • If applicable, notification of the home ownership subsidy granted
  • All proof of income of the household members in the last 12 months,

    e.g. certificate of earnings, tax-free income and capital gains

  • Notification of unemployment benefit I, unemployment benefit II or basic provision according to SGB XII
  • Last tax assessment / last tax return, profit and loss account,

    for self-employed persons

  • School certificate ,

    for children over 16 years

  • Certificate of matriculation,

    among students

  • Severely disabled pass,

    with existing severe disability

  • Notification of receipt of care allowance,

    with existing severe disability


The burden is only eligible up to a certain maximum amount plus the amount to relieve heating costs.

Housing benefit is not payable to:

Recipients of the following social benefits if costs of accommodation have been taken into account when calculating the benefit:

  • Unemployment benefit II and social benefit
  • Benefits for trainees in accordance with § 27 Para. 3 of the Second Book of the Social Security Code
  • Transitional allowance and injury allowance, in each case to the amount of unemployment benefit II, also in the case of advances and advance payments on transitional allowance or injury allowance
  • Basic income support in old age and in the event of reduced earning capacity
  • Assistance towards subsistence
  • Supplementary assistance towards subsistence or other assistance in an inpatient institution which covers subsistence, in accordance with the Bundesversorgungsgesetz (Federal Supply Act) or in accordance with a law which declares this to be applicable
  • Benefits in special cases and basic benefits according to the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz)
  • Child and youth welfare benefits if the household is exclusively home to recipients of these benefits

are not entitled to housing benefit

  • single trainees or students who are entitled on the merits to benefits for support under BAföG or SGB (http://bundesrecht.juris.de/bundesrecht/baf_g/gesamt.pdf) III or would be if (http://bundesrecht.juris.de/bundesrecht/sgb_3/gesamt.pdf) they applied (i.e. if these benefits are not paid only because their own income or that of their parents exceeds the permissible amount).

Exception: You are entitled to a housing allowance if the benefits of the training assistance are granted exclusively as a loan or if you live together with other household members who are not entitled to BAföG or vocational training allowance on the merits.

  • Wohngeldgesetz (WoGG)
  • Wohngeldverordnung (WoGV)
  • Sozialgesetzbuch Erstes Buch (SGB I)
  • Sozialgesetzbuch Zweites Buch (SGB II)
  • Sozialgesetzbuch Zehntes Buch (SGB X)
  • Sozialgesetzbuch Zwölftes Buch - SGB XII
  • Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz
  • Wohngeldnovelle (mit Beispielwohngeldtabelle)

A written application must be made on the official form for the granting of housing benefit. The relevant documents can be submitted subsequently. Informally submitted applications are only valid within the deadline, a formal application must be submitted subsequently. The application and documents can be submitted in person, by post or scanned and sent by e-mail (do not forget to sign).

The approval period is usually 12 months. A new application for housing benefit may be submitted 2 months before the end of the grant period.

For owner-occupied property in your own apartment building with more than 2 apartments, housing benefit can only be applied for in the form of a rent subsidy.

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