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The validity period of the passport depends on the age of the passport holder. The passport is valid for six years before the age of 24 and ten years after the age of 24. A temporary passport is valid for a maximum of one year.

A passport or a provisional passport is already invalid before the expiry of its period of validity if it does not allow a proper establishment of the holder's identity or if it has been altered or if entries are missing or, with the exception of the information on the place of residence, are incorrect.

In principle, passports are issued in a volume of 32 pages. For an additional fee you can get a passport with 48 pages (for frequent travellers with additional pages for visa entries).

Note: Passports are produced centrally by Bundesdruckerei in Berlin. Provisional passports are produced by the passport authorities.

It is not possible to change personal data in the passport (e.g. the name after marriage). In these cases a new passport must be applied for if necessary.

Please note the following for trips to the USA or Canada:

In addition to a regular (machine-readable bordeaux red) passport, German citizens must also be in possession of an electronic entry permit, which can be applied for via the electronic travel authorization systems of the USA or Canada.

  • Proof of identity,

    e.g. identity card or old or invalid passport

  • 1 current biometric passport photo according to the photo sample board,

    Recommendation: not older than three months

  • in the case of a change of name, a document or certificate from the registry office.


  • German citizenship

Important: This is a service provided by a local authority. Therefore, you can only go to an office in your (main) place of residence.

Exception: If an important reason is given, the application for a passport must also be processed by a passport authority that is not locally competent. A passport may only be issued with the authorisation of the local passport authority. In this case, the fee shall be doubled if this is done at the instigation of the applicant by an authority that is not competent.



  • For persons under 24 years: 6 years
  • For persons aged 24 and over: 10 years

Change in German passport law

Due to a European legal regulation, there will be an important change in German passport law as of 26 June 2012:

All entries for children, which were made in the passport of the parents (or one of the parents) on the basis of earlier passport regulations until 31.10.2007, will become invalid from 26.06.2012 and no longer entitle the child to cross the border. From this day on, all children must have their own travel document when travelling abroad. For the actual passport holder, however, the document remains valid without restriction (provided it has not expired).

For further information, please call (0421) 361-88660.

  • Fotomustertafel für ePass und neuen Personalausweis
  • Reise- und Sicherheitshinweise des Auswärtigen Amtes
  • elektronisches Reisegenehmigungssystem des Ministeriums für Innere Sicherheit der Vereinigten Staaten
  • Elektronische Reisegenehmigung (eTA) für Kanada beantragen

  • If you move beyond the municipal boundaries, a change of residence is necessary
  • Fingerprint capture
  • The passport can only be applied for in person, as the handwritten signature must be provided when applying for it.

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