Automated land register retrieval procedure SolumWEB Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

With the introduction of the computerised land register, the paper land register has been replaced by an electronic database, for the administration and processing of which the diverse possibilities of information technology are used. This data stock of all land registry offices of the state of Bremen is combined state-wide in a central data storage office (public law institution Dataport, Bremen branch), centrally administered and made accessible online to the land registry courts, other departments of the district courts and by means of the automated retrieval procedure to external users.

The automated retrieval procedure is only intended to simplify the technical implementation of land register inspection, but not to extend the factual scope of inspection. Therefore, as a prerequisite for setting up the automated retrieval procedure, it must be ensured that the land register can only be inspected to the extent permitted by the statutory provisions (sections 12, 12a and 12b of the Land Register Code -GBO-). Retrieval of land register data may only be possible to the extent that there is a legitimate interest pursuant to section 12 GBO.


Admission requirement

Admission to the automated land register retrieval procedure requires approval, which is only granted on application. The decision on admission to the retrieval procedure is the responsibility of the President of the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in Bremen. The application is to be made exclusively on the form provided for this purpose, which is kept ready in the forms section of this information.

In principle, the granting of the licence includes a retrieval authorisation for all land registry offices in the Land of Bremen.

A distinction is made between the unrestricted and the restricted automated land register retrieval procedure.

Participation in the automated land register retrieval procedure requires that

  • this form of data transmission is appropriate, taking into account the interests of the real estate beneficiaries concerned which are worthy of protection, because of the large number of transmissions or because of their particular urgency,
  • the recipient complies with the principles of proper data processing and
  • on the part of the body keeping the land register the technical possibilities of setting up and handling the procedure are given and a disturbance of the business operations of the land register office is not to be expected.

Technical requirements

The SolumWEB procedure makes it possible to view the land registers of the state of Bremen as well as the mark table. The land register data that is accessed via the inspection procedure is subject to very high security requirements. Security mechanisms such as authentication are used to safeguard this electronic communication. The access data required for authentication are transmitted by the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in Bremen after approval.


Moreover, online access is not permitted without exception, but only if it is necessary because of the number of requests or the urgency of the transmission.

A distinction must be made between the unrestricted and the restricted automated retrieval procedure. For reasons of data protection, however, both types of procedure may not be used for the purposes of research.

Unrestricted land register inspection is possible for notaries, officially appointed surveyors, courts and authorities. The legitimate interest is a prerequisite for the admissibility of the retrieval, but a special presentation of the legitimate interest is not required at the time of the retrieval.

Limited land register inspection is possible for banks, savings banks, building societies, insurance companies, utility companies and private individuals. The prerequisite is a legitimate interest in the inspection, which only exists in the case of an own right in rem or an owner's consent as well as in the context of compulsory execution.

In these cases, the justified interest must be demonstrated for each inspection.

  • Grundbuchordnung
  • Submit application using the standard federal application form
  • Examination by the President of the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in Bremen
  • Wait for notification of admission
  • Sending of the admission notice with the personal access data

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