Document: request a civil status certificate Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The Bremen registry offices only issue these documents if the marriage, establishment of a civil partnership, birth or death has taken place in the respective registry office district of the Bremen-Mitte or Bremen-Nord registry office and the deadline for the keeping of civil status records by the registry offices has not yet expired.

The following time limits apply:

  • Birth register 110 years
  • Marriage register 80 years
  • Civil partnership register 80 years
  • Death register 30 years

Information on older civil registers can be obtained from the Bremen State Archives ( ).

We can issue these documents for you:

  • Certified register printouts from all registers (e.g. for registering a marriage)
    - as a certified copy if the register is kept on paper
    - as a register printout if the register is kept electronically
    and more

  • Birth certificates (also multilingual),
  • death certificates (also multilingual),
  • marriage certificates (also multilingual),
  • civil partnership certificates,
  • marriage certificates (also multilingual), if the marriage took place abroad and the marriage was subsequently certified here (until 31.12.2008 through the creation of a family register on application, from 1.1.2009 through subsequent certification).

Would you like information about your time of birth? Then we recommend that you apply for a certified copy of your birth register for reasons of cost.


Entitled to file an application are

  • persons to whom the entry in the register relates (certified person
  • spouses, civil partners)
  • ancestors and descendants (e.g. children, grandchildren)
  • Siblings (applies only to birth and death certificates)
  • Other persons who can credibly demonstrate a legal interest or if the persons entered in the register have been deceased for 30 years
  • Authorities within the scope of their competence, stating the purpose of the request.
  • You can also authorise someone to apply for the documents on your behalf.
  • Proof of your identity is provided by presenting your identity card/passport.

Restrictions apply to

  • persons who have been adopted in lieu of a child (adoption)
  • Transsexuals
  • Persons who are protected by a blocking notice in the civil status register.


In case of personal collection the fees are to be paid in cash, payment by EC card is also possible.

The registry offices can only issue documents (also in several languages) if the event was notarised there. I.e.:

  • Birth certificates from the registry office,
  • Marriage certificates from the registry office where the marriage was contracted,
  • Civil partnership certificate from the registry office where the civil partnership was established,
  • Death certificate from the registry office that recorded the death.

Exception: subsequent certifications of foreign personal status cases, e.g. the former family register on request.

  • §§ 54 ff des Personenstandsgesetzes (PStG)
  • §§ 48 ff der Personenstandsverordnung (PStV)
  • Staatsarchiv Bremen

You can pick up the certificate in person during our opening hours. Please bring a valid identity card or passport with you. If you still have an older copy of the certificate, please bring it with you.

You can also order the certificate in writing, by e-mail or by DE-Mail.

You can fill in the form for requesting a certificate online and send it by e-mail/DE-Mail to the relevant registry office. It is of course still possible to send the printed, completed form by post.

For every written request for a certificate, a legible and valid copy of an ID card (both sides) or passport must be enclosed as proof of identity. In the case of a request by e-mail/DE-mail as a scanned attachment/photo.
Data not required for the document request such as height and eye colour may be blacked out.

Our mail addresses are:

  • For the registry office Bremen-Mitte:
  • For the registry office Bremen-Nord:

We would like to point out that copies of ID cards contain sensitive data which should only be sent in encrypted form when using e-mail as a means of transport. For this purpose, we also offer you the possibility to send the document request incl. scanned ID copy via DE-Mail to us.


Sending by DE-Mail requires that you yourself have a DE-Mail address, i.e. that you are authenticated within the DE-Mail network. An encrypted transmission path is only guaranteed within the DE-Mail network.

A transmission to the DE-Mail addresses of the registry offices from a conventional mail account is not possible.

Our DE-Mail addresses are:

  • For the registry office Bremen-Mitte:
  • For the registry office Bremen-Nord:

For further information on DE-Mail we recommend the publications of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) at

Requests by mail to the registry office Bremen-Mitte, Hollerallee 79, 28209 Bremen.

Requests by mail to the registry office Bremen-Nord, Gerhard-Rohlfs-Str.62, 28757 Bremen.

If you do not wish to send a copy/scan copy of your identity card or passport, the requested document can only be collected in person, as the registry office must be satisfied of the legitimacy of the document request and the identity of the person making the request.

Ordering a certificate by telephone is not possible for legal reasons.

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