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Two or more adjacent parcels are merged into one parcel.

  • Identity card
  • Extract from the land register,

    Not absolutely necessary, but if available, please send or bring it with you!


  • The parcels to be merged must form a single economic and local unit.
  • All parcels must have the same encumbrances in the land register and be booked under a consecutive number in the land register sheet.
  • In the event of a simultaneous application for a merger of parcels of land, the valid identity card must be brought along.


In order to ensure a better clarity of the real estate map, the number of parcels in the real estate cadastre is to be kept low.

When submitting an application via the application form, please tick the Other/Comments box and indicate parcel amalgamation.

Only in the case of simultaneous unification of plots of land, the valid identity card must be brought along.

  • Gesetz über die Landesvermessung und das Liegenschaftskataster (Vermessungs- und Katastergesetz)
  • Grundbuchordnung
  1. Written application with application form or informally by owner or authorized representative.
  2. Merger request to land registry
  3. If the request is positive, then internal processing with determination of the area content and allocation of the new parcel number.
  4. If the request is answered negatively, then it may be necessary to merge the properties, but only if the properties in question have the same encumbrance. The application for merger must be certified by the State Office GeoInformation Bremen, ÖbVI or notary. Certification is free of charge at the State Office GeoInformation Bremen and ÖbVI.
  5. Examination of the merger
  6. Transfer of the merger into the real estate cadastre (continuation of the real estate cadastre)
  7. Preparation and dispatch of the continuation notifications (current real estate map excerpt and parcel verification)
  8. Final inspection

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