Permission to cut down and prune a tree protected under the Tree Protection Ordinance. Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Authorised users or owners of land must observe the following when a tree is to be felled, pruned from a protected tree (or a construction project):

In Bremen and Bremerhaven a tree protection regulation applies. For all planned measures on protected trees, the Tree Protection Ordinance must be observed and, if necessary, an application for exemption must be submitted to the nature conservation authority. For felling or pruning of trees that are not protected under the Tree Protection Ordinance, the information given under the service description "Felling and pruning of trees and bushes in the period from 01.03. to 30.09. of each year" applies.


The following trees fall under the Tree Protection Ordinance:

1. deciduous trees including nuts, in principle with a trunk circumference of at least 120 cm,

2. fruit trees which are not subject to commercial horticultural use, and trees of the species Ilex (holly), Taxus (yew) and Crataegus (hawthorn or hawthorn) with a stem girth of at least 80 cm,

3. trees of the species Salix (willow) with a trunk girth of at least 300 cm, and trees of the species Salix (willow) with a trunk girth of at least 120 cm, designed as pollarded willows,

4. coniferous trees, other than Taxus (yew), with a trunk circumference of at least 300 cm

Not protected:

1. trees in nurseries and market gardens, if they are used for commercial purposes

2. trees of the species Populus (poplar) and Betula (birch),

3. trees on the plots within the meaning of § 1 of the Federal Allotment and Leisure Garden Act,

4. Dead trees,

5. trees with a trunk circumference of less than 250 cm, spaced less than 400 cm apart from approved structures used for residential purposes The distance between the side of the trunk facing the building and the building wall (without porches such as balconies, conservatories, terraces) at 100 cm tree height is decisive.

Note: Questions about the law concerning neighbours cannot be answered.

  • Baumschutzverordnung
  • Baumschutzverordnung - Karte der Zuständigkeiten in der Sachbearbeitung
  • Baumschutzverordnung
  • Merkblatt Baumschutz bei Baumaßnahmen

Informal application with the following contents:

  • Applicant (name and address)
  • the land concerned (address/floor and parcel)
  • Tree species and trunk circumference (measured at 1m height)
  • Distance to the residential building (measured at 1m height)
  • Reasons for felling or trimming

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