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Once a calendar year, Bremer Stadtreinigung offers all private households the opportunity to have bulky waste collected free of charge. This service is included in the waste fee. Further collections are possible for a fee of 67,00 Euro per collection.

Each household must place a separate order. If you want to use the collection service together with your neighbour, each party must place a separate order.

We will pick up your bulky waste:

Order the bulky waste collection service easily and conveniently by phone 0421 361-3611 or fill out a bulky waste form (see under Forms) for ordering a bulky waste collection service.

The collection takes place at the latest four weeks after receipt of the order. The collection date will be communicated to you in writing before the collection. Please note:

  • Only a maximum of 5 m³ bulky waste may be provided per collection.

Self delivery:

You can also deliver the bulky waste yourself to the recycling stations "plus Blumenthal, Hohentor, Hulsberg (up to 2 m³) and Blockland (also in larger quantities). Only private households in Bremen are allowed to deliver.


Private household, which is connected to the municipal waste disposal system in Bremen


It's junk:

Furniture and furnishings:

  • Sofa, couch, bed, cupboard, chest of drawers, table, mattress, slatted frame, armchair, chair, stool, shelf, suitcase (empty), carpet (rolled or bundled)

Large electrical appliances: see "electrical appliances" section

Metal objects:

  • bed frame, spring frame, bicycles, prams, scooters, lawnmowers

Large plastic parts:

  • laundry basket, tub, garden furniture, rain barrel, Bobby Car, sandbox shell, plastic sledge

This is not bulky waste:

residual waste and plastic parts:

  • Items that fit into the Bremen garbage bag by size.

Construction waste:

  • Windows, doors, laminate and sanitary ceramics, pipes, baseboards and ceiling strips.

Recyclable materials:

  • Paper and cardboard, garden waste, textiles, glass and yellow bag.


  • Pollutants from waste containing asbestos.

Car parts:

  • Car wrecks and parts, motorcycles and tyres.


Too bad for the bulky waste? Initiative, which accepts well-preserved furnishings, you can find here www.gebraucht-und-gut.de

  • Recycling-Stationen
  • Gebührentabelle

Bulky waste collection can be ordered by telephone (Tel. 0421 361-3611) and in writing. For written orders a corresponding online form can be downloaded as a pdf file from the website of Die Bremer Stadtreinigung www.die-bremer-stadtreinigung.de .

After receipt of his order, the customer will receive a written order confirmation with the collection date and important information on the procedure.

The bulky waste must be made available in good time (by 6:00 a.m.) on the day of collection.

The maximum amount of bulky waste per order is 5 cubic metres.

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