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The residual waste bins (60 - 240 litres) are removed every 14 days. The dates can be found in the Bremen waste calendar. The number of regularities included in the waste fee can be found in the fee table. Please place the bin on the street at the earliest from 18:00 hrs on the day before collection, but no later than 06:00 hrs on the day of collection.

Every property in Bremen must be equipped with a sufficiently large residual waste bin. A retention volume of 15 litres per person per week is prescribed. A common use of waste containers, also across properties, is possible.


This is residual waste:

  • Wallpaper, animal litter, small wooden parts, light bulbs, household objects, household dishes, grinding and saw dust, dirty paper and cardboard, soiled foils, buckets, emulsion paints, medicines, diapers, vacuum cleaner bags, ashes, file folders, audio and video cassettes

This is not residual waste:

  • pollutants, electrical appliances, recyclable materials


If, in exceptional cases, the residual waste bin is too full, you can also dispose of residual waste with the Bremen refuse sack. You can buy it at all recycling stations and in many retail shops for 5,50 Euro.

You can also dispose of loose residual waste at the stations:

  • Blockland
  • Blumenthal
  • Burglesum
  • Hohentor
  • Hulsberg
  • Kirchhuchtingen
  • Upper uncharted territory

...to give. It can be disposed of loose or in bags in a container provided. Our employees measure the delivered quantity and accept payment. 120 litres of residual waste disposal at the recycling stations mentioned costs 10 Euros each.

  • Abfallortsgesetz der Freien Hansestadt Bremen
  • Abfallortsgesetz/Gebührenordnung
  • Gebührentabelle
  • Recycling-Stationen

  • Applications must be made in writing or by telephone by the property owner, and tenants should contact their landlord.
  • For private households, the size of the residual waste bin depends on the number of persons in the household.
  • For commercial enterprises and associations, the size is to be determined individually depending on the industry and number of employees. This is done by the commercial customer service of Die Bremer Stadtreinigung.

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