dispose of waste paper Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

You can dispose of paper and cardboard in the paper bin or put them in bundles on the street. The collection takes place every 14 days. The dates can be found in your Bremen waste disposal calendar.

If you want to use a paper bin, you can order one at any time. Tenants please contact the landlord. Delivery and use of the bin is not subject to any further charges.

Please place the paper bin or the paper bundles in the street on the day before collection at the earliest from 18:00 hrs, but at the latest on the day of collection by 07:00 hrs.


You are the owner of the land and are connected to the municipal residual waste disposal system.


That can go in:

Newspapers, magazines, brochures, writing paper, paper and cardboard packaging.

That's not allowed in:

Wallpaper, dirty paper and cardboard packaging, coated paper - this belongs in the residual waste bin.


Make documents with personal data unrecognizable, for example by shredding them.

You can also take paper and cardboard to all recycling stations.

The order can be placed by telephone or in writing. There are paper drums with a volume of 120, 240 and 1100 litres available.

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