Real estate agent, loan broker, property developer, building supervisor or residential property manager; application for a licence

If you are self-employed running a business as:Real estate broker,loan broker,property developer,building supervisor and/orresidential property manageryou need a permit from the competent authority in your federal state.The different activities are distinguished from each other as follows:You are a real estate agent if you broker the conclusion of contracts for land, commercial premises or residential premises on a commercial basis.You are a loan broker if you broker the conclusion of contracts for loans on a professional basis. This does not include granting loans in your own name.You are a property developer if you prepare or carry out building projects as a builder in your own name and use the assets of purchasers, tenants, lessees or other persons entitled to use them for this purpose.You are a building supervisor if you prepare or carry out building projects in the name of a third party for the account of a third party.Permission can be granted to a natural person or a company. You make this selection on the application form.Your permit may also be restricted in terms of content and be subject to conditions if, in the opinion of the administration, this is necessary for the protection of the general public or the clients.Before you start your activity, you must also register your trade.

The following documents are required:Certificate of good conduct and information from the central business register(both for submission to an authority)Information from the insolvency court as to whether proceedings have been opened (so-called negative certificate) Extract from the debtors' register of the central enforcement courtFor the licence as a residential property manager, additional proof of existing pecuniary damage liability insurance is requiredIf necessary, further documents

Personal reliability, i.e. you have not been convicted of a criminal offence in the last five years.Orderly financial circumstances, i.e. you are not in private insolvency or entered in the debtors' register.Only if you are applying for a licence as a residential property manager, the following is also required: Professional liability insurance for financial losses that may arise from your commercial activity as a residential property manager.
For the permit, you submit an application which is examined by the competent authority.You send the completed application form together with the supporting documents to your authority.The authority checks whether you meet the requirements.You will receive the permit for the requested activity by post.

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