Animal by-products; application for approval of establishments Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The legal regulations on the handling of animal by-products concern the obligation to properly dispose of dead animals and the treatment or disposal of other animal by-products (parts and residues derived from animals that are not suitable or intended for human consumption), in particular to prevent animal diseases or to distinguish them from foodstuffs intended for human consumption. These substances are to be recycled and disposed of safely in such a way that neither human and animal health nor the environment are endangered.In principle, all users of animal by-products and derived products are obliged to register them. Upon application by the operator, the establishments or activities must be approved or registered. This document only describes the approval of establishments.

The following annexes must be submitted in duplicate to the competent government together with the application for approval:Operating plan for ABP farms (for form, see "Forms")Site planBuilding layout planDocuments for designating the use of space;if necessary, operating plan to scale with material and personnel flow (if necessary, illustration of the separation "clean/unclean")Machine plan including material flowWaste water planProcess descriptionCleaning and disinfection planProof of reliability (to be applied for at the municipality of residence)Copy of the business registration for business premises for companies entered in the commercial register or other public registers: Extract from the registerSelf-disclosure

The approval procedure begins with the submission of the documents to the locally competent district administrative authority (district office or independent city) or control authority for food safety and veterinary affairs (KBLV), which carries out a preliminary examination. If the application for approval has not been sent directly to the competent approval authority (e.g. government), it will be forwarded there.After the application has been submitted and the preliminary examination has been carried out, a site visit is carried out to check whether the requirements relevant to the individual case have been met.When assessing the approval requirements of a farm, the competent authority may consult veterinary experts. Other, non-veterinary experts may also be consulted.The administrative procedure is concluded by the issue of an approval notice. With the approval, the establishment receives an individual, published approval number for ABP (animal by-products) establishments, which also identifies it in the commercial documents and obligatory records in commercial transactions.

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